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Martin Aspeli optilude at
Thu Oct 25 10:45:13 UTC 2007

Max M wrote:
>> If you put this in your ~/.buildout/default.cfg, you'll get all eggs 
>> ever downloaded in ~/.buildout/eggs and all tarballs in 
>> ~/.buildout/downloads. So you won't have to download them yourself 
>> separately. ;)
> The problem is not what I do. I am usually paranoid enough about 
> breakage that I have everything I need to get stuff back up and running.
> But sometimes I have people asking for support for a broken site/server, 
> that are not as nitpicky about what they do.
> Eg they expect to be able to rebuild Zope and other external products 
> from a download, and so only have backed up the Products folder with 
> their inhouse products.
> Especially getting the correct external products can be a real pain.
> What I am worried about is that it will be as big a pain to get the 
> parts of a specific older buildout.

I just don't see what this has to do with buildout. The buildout.cfg file
references specific files. Buildout will cache those files if it can.

Now, you can back up buildout and its cache - then you're doubly safe. If
you don't back up the dependencies, then you're at the mercy of the
Internet, basically. But that's no different whether you're using buildout
or not. I agree that depending on downloads that may disappear can be
dangerous, I just don't see what it has to do with buildout (or any other
build tool).


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