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Max M maxm at
Wed Oct 24 09:40:09 UTC 2007

Wichert Akkerman skrev:
> I want to remind everyone that you should never remove or rename a
> download once you have uploaded it to doing so is likely to
> break other peoples setup. This also holds for anything else that change
> URLs for released software, such as renaming a release. 
> Below is an example of the kind of breakage this causes.

That system is waaay to fragile.

I know that people love buildout but it seems like a bit of a dead end.

A specific buildout needs very specific packages/eggs. As far as I can 
tell from the discussions on the lists.

Only now those packages are not in tgz file anymore, but spread out over 

Backwards compatibility *will* be massively broken by this approach.

It only takes one company, or even person to loose a domain, or to have 
a fatal server crash to break all buildout scripts.

I have tried too many time before to collect enough pieces to make an 
old Zope system come alive again. The original server broken down, and 
the backup being incomplete with only the Data.fs and a Products folder.

Oftentimes failing due to missing packages that was no longer available.

Now it seems that buildout based Zope is going to be based on this approach.

Or am I being overly paranoid?


hilsen/regards Max M, Denmark
IT's Mad Science

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