Customizing roles on the sharing tab in 3.0.2

Martin Aspeli optilude at
Sun Oct 21 00:35:01 UTC 2007

Derek Richardson wrote:
> Hey. I'm upgrading from 2.5.1 to 3.0.2 and have sharing tab issues.
> My current (2.5.1) site uses roles 'Reader', 'Writer', and 'Owner'. These show 
> on the sharing tab and all my users understand them.
> When I migrate to 3.0.2, I get 'can add', 'can edit', 'can view' and 'can 
> review'. My users will not understand these (my users have limited adaptive 
> expertise).
> So, I want to revert to the old roles. I know I can add them as utilities ala 
> and configure.zcml in That's the note on page 
> 85 of _Professional Plone Development_. (Thanks jonstahl for pointing me at this 
> note!).
> The trick seems to be, not adding my new/old roles, but deleting the old/new 
> roles (the ones added in 3.0). I can write python code to unregister the 
> utilities (I think...). I know of no zcml directive to unregister a utility.

There isn't an official one, though zc.configuration has some "turn off" 
ZCML behaviour.

> This seems like a difficult (and, security-wise, somewhat scary) road to travel. 
> Is there a better way of accomplishing what I want ('Reader', 'Writer', and 
> 'Owner' replacing 'can add', 'can edit', 'can view', and 'can review')?

The easiest way is with overrides.zcml. A slightly cleaner way is local 
utilities. In both cases, you create a new utility which can rename the 
role and/or give admin rights over it e.g. only to the Manager role (so 
that it's effectively hidden). A slightly more hacky way would be to 
restrict management of a particular local role to a role that doesn't 
exist, so that no-one sees it.

> BTW, what use is seeing the 'can add' role on the sharing page of an ATDocument? 
> This is an aside, but it struck me as strange and somewhat confusing...

No real use, but it'd be hard to predict all the situations in which a 
role is non-sensical, so we can't make them conditional like that.

By the way - the Editor, Contributor, Viewer roles (whatever you want to 
call them) are pretty fundamental and useful in Plone 3. I'd advice you 
against disabling them.

Oh - and we should have a control panel to make this stuff TTW-mangable. 
It's on my list for 3.1 if I can get to it (we didn't have time for 3.0) 
but if someone wants to help ... :)


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