Customizing roles on the sharing tab in 3.0.2

Derek Richardson derek.richardson at
Sat Oct 20 19:24:20 UTC 2007

Hey. I'm upgrading from 2.5.1 to 3.0.2 and have sharing tab issues.

My current (2.5.1) site uses roles 'Reader', 'Writer', and 'Owner'. These show 
on the sharing tab and all my users understand them.

When I migrate to 3.0.2, I get 'can add', 'can edit', 'can view' and 'can 
review'. My users will not understand these (my users have limited adaptive 

So, I want to revert to the old roles. I know I can add them as utilities ala and configure.zcml in That's the note on page 
85 of _Professional Plone Development_. (Thanks jonstahl for pointing me at this 

The trick seems to be, not adding my new/old roles, but deleting the old/new 
roles (the ones added in 3.0). I can write python code to unregister the 
utilities (I think...). I know of no zcml directive to unregister a utility. 
This seems like a difficult (and, security-wise, somewhat scary) road to travel. 
Is there a better way of accomplishing what I want ('Reader', 'Writer', and 
'Owner' replacing 'can add', 'can edit', 'can view', and 'can review')?

BTW, what use is seeing the 'can add' role on the sharing page of an ATDocument? 
This is an aside, but it struck me as strange and somewhat confusing...



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