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Sat Oct 20 03:17:29 UTC 2007

--On 20. Oktober 2007 00:16:59 +0100 Martin Aspeli <optilude at> wrote:

> Hi all,
> This is a bit of a safety valve. I actually hope no-one ever needs to use
> this, but I think it'll be useful for some people.

Thanks for picking up the TTW issues with Plone right now. Please keep in 
mind that TTW not only means that people are doing their stuff over the 
browser. At least our "scripters" develop their templates, scripts etc.
on the filesystem using portal_skins but that's not directly TTW. This used 
to be a successful development model even for large applications. Moving a 
lot of stuff to browser views etc. made it hard for those people working on 
projects because they need extra training and customizations are much 
harder to achieve (independent of the fact the new architecture and the new 
way for "doing it right" is of course the right choice from the view of us 
core developers).

Sorry-for-this-slightly-off-topic-followup :-)
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