Can the testbrowser handle REQUEST.SESSION?

Rodrigo Bernardo Pimentel rbp at
Sat Oct 20 00:29:35 UTC 2007


I have a product with one particular python script that, at a certain  
point, needs to set a value in SESSION. That seems to work fine when I  
try the product  manually, but, when I was writing functional doctests  
for it using the testbrowser, I get an AttributeError saying that  
SESSION doesn't exist. I tried creating a FakeRequestSession on  
app.REQUEST on the doctest but that didn't help.

I could be missing something very obvious or simply doing something  
downright stupid, but I searched around a lot and dug through a bunch  
of code and wasn't able to find out how to set up a session when  
testing via the testbrowser.

I'm creating the test suite with:


Is this a know testbrowser shortcoming (and, if so, is there a way  
around it?)? Or am I simply doing something wrong?




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