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Fabio Corneti info at
Thu Oct 18 08:33:23 UTC 2007

On 18/ott/07, at 05:14, Leonardo Rochael wrote:
> Martin Aspeli wrote:
>> [Leo suggests creating "Products" namespace packages for all Products
>> producing parts in a buildout]
>> [... snip detailed analysys of why "Products" namespace packages  
>> don't
>> matter for Zope ...]
> Your analysis is correct as far as Zope is concerned, and indeed my
> suggested change brings no benefit to a buildout configuration or  
> to the
> operation of the Zope instance itself. The primary benefit of my  
> suggestion
> is for tools that analyze python code to, for instance, try to  
> catch import
> errors or do code completion.
> These tools do not try to run a Zope instance and as such do not  
> understand
> that, for instance, the CMFCore" package is in effect under a  
> "Products"
> package and so they complain when they see something like "from
> Products.CMFCore.utils import getToolByName".

Hi Leonardo,
I don't think that is a good thing to adapt Zope/Plone to development  
environments (should be the
reverse actually), but I understand your problem because my  
colleagues use PyDev.

I have developed a patch for PyDev which allows autocompletion for  
arbitrary Zope Products folders
(e.g. parts/plone or develop-products) but still needs some work for  
the "goto definition" feature (which
is by the way implemented in a different way in the opensource  
version and in the PyDev extensions plugin).

I have informed the PyDev mailing list about the effort some time ago  
and I'm currently trying to implement
this stuff in a separate plugin to avoid clashing with the basic  
PyDev features; if you're interested in trying the
patch drop me a mail, but keep in mind that it's very experimental  
code and currently works only against PyDev CVS.

Another workaround would be to symlink each Products folder, but the  
currently released PyDev doesn't work
correctly with symbolic links (fixed in CVS).

Fabio Corneti
info at

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