[Plone-Users] A new Plone classification system (a Plip proposal)

Enzo Cesanelli enzo.cesanelli at gmail.com
Thu Oct 18 01:12:09 UTC 2007

I have some difficulties to understand myself too... :)
Anyway I was just trying to sort the ideas out on this issue.

This thread will go on only in the developers-list to reduce the noise.

> I have to say I barely understood any of your posting, but yes, I'd also
> like something a little more flexible than just a flat list of keywords.
> I believe I can restrict which keywords can be applied to particular
> content types already, but that doesn't help within content types.
> I have occasionally felt that it would be useful to have a tree of
> keywords available so that users don't have to scroll through a list of
> irelevant keywords.  In my case, a tree of two levels would probably
> suffice.
> Peter Shute
> plone-users-bounces at lists.sourceforge.net wrote on :
>> The main goal is to provide a complete overwrite of the
>> classification part with a completely fresh new architecture
>> able to satisfy the most use cases emerged in recent years.
>> Obviously the Dublin Core Metadata Set has to be taken in
>> consideration as usual. A true semantic classification of
>> contents should coincide with the DC:subject, indeed. We can
>> mix the tagging mechanism with a more structured one without
>> loosing the user centric approach.

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