plone buildout and Products namespace

Leonardo Rochael leo at
Wed Oct 17 19:50:12 UTC 2007

Not sure this is the right forum to reach those involved with the respective

I've been playing with the plone3_buildout paste template and the recipes
sets up for your buildout. Specifically the plone.recipe.distro buildout,
which is also used by the plone.recipe.plone one for the non-eggified

Now that Zope officially declares Products to be a namespace, shouldn't we
be setting up these recipes to put these distributed products in a Products
namespace as well?

The change to the recipes is simple enough, just add a Products subdirectory
to each part and an declaring the namespace before downloading
and unpacking the products, and in the zope2instance recipe putting
something like:

products =
    ${buildout:directory}/Products <-- notice the capital P

The benefit of this is enabling tools that understand python namespace
packages to understand what is happening with the products in a buildout.

One example of such a tool is the PyDEV extensions static code analysis
tool, that scans python files to enable proper code completion.

Would people be interested in such changes to the recipes and to the
ZopeSkel template?
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