Hiding a Portlet in a Filesystem Package

Raphael Ritz r.ritz at biologie.hu-berlin.de
Wed Oct 17 07:24:19 UTC 2007

Derek Richardson wrote:
> Hey. I'm writing a package to provide a Plone 3.0-compatible UI for 
> PAS4CAS - a replacement for PloneCASLogin, which has not been updated. 
> The basics work. I now want to hide the login portlet, since it is 
> non-functional and confusing with CAS.
> I'm in a filesystem package, so my first thought was to remove the 
> portlet using GenericSetup. Alas, no luck - the handler in 
> plone.app.portlets seems to only support adding portlets, not removing 
> them. I'm contemplating extending this handler to remove portlets, as 
> well. I'd then put the extended handler in my product and submit a patch 
> for plone.app.portlet.
> Questions:
> 1 - Is there a better way to hide the login portlet from a filesystem 
> package than to do it through GenericSetup?

I guess you've gotten it by now but just to clarity.

You don't want to remove the *portlet* entirely (such that it
won't ever be available).

What you rather want is a way to change the *assignment* of the
login portlet to the portlet manager that takes care of the left

What you've figured out is that there is even a nice UI already in
place for doing that TTP but unfortunately there is no way to do
this kind of change via GS yet.

Extending the GS handlers of plone.portlets (or plone.app.portlets
I'm to stupid to understand what should go where ...) to be able
to deal with the assignments to portlet managers would be very
welcome and much appreciated! (same for the configuration of
the individual portlets BTW)


> 2 - If I patch the portlet handler, is this likely to be accepted back? 
> If so, what is the first plone version in which it is likely to be 
> allowed in? I must admit, I'm a little confused by 3.0.x vs 3.1 vs 
> 3.5/4.0 and what is allowed in each. ;)
> Thanks,
> Derek

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