Hiding a Portlet in a Filesystem Package

Derek Richardson derek.richardson at gatech.edu
Wed Oct 17 00:18:57 UTC 2007

Derek Richardson wrote:
> Martin Aspeli wrote:
>>>>> Hey. I'm writing a package to provide a Plone 3.0-compatible UI for 
>>>>> PAS4CAS - a replacement for PloneCASLogin, which has not been 
>>>>> updated. The basics work. I now want to hide the login portlet, 
>>>>> since it is non-functional and confusing with CAS.
>> I'm not sure how comfortable I'd be installing a product if I knew it 
>> was going to remove a core part of Plone (even if uninstalling the 
>> package puts it back). I think it'd be easier for everyone if this was 
>> just documented and you left the poor portlet alone. :)
> OK, OK, I relent. You and Matt have convinced me. I'll just do this 
> manually on my site and put the instructions in the README so others can 
> do it easily. I'll leave the portlet definition and all the instances 
> as-is.


I did a quick google search for 'plone hide portlet' and quickly got bored with 
reading the results. So, I thought 'Martin put in /@@manage-viewlets, I bet 
there's a /@@manage-portlets.' Thus I just jumped into my test site and typed 
that into the URL at site root and got a nice list of portlets, including login 
with a nice red 'x' to remove it. Which I clicked and it worked beautifully!

I repeat the steps, which I know you know, because I'm documenting it for others 
who get lost in a sea of old or irrelevant google results (NB: I'm running Plone 
3.0.2). But I want to say that it's a real pleasure to work with something that 
does what I expect. Thank you!


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