Hiding a Portlet in a Filesystem Package

Derek Richardson derek.richardson at gatech.edu
Wed Oct 17 00:02:56 UTC 2007

Martin Aspeli wrote:
>>>> Hey. I'm writing a package to provide a Plone 3.0-compatible UI for 
>>>> PAS4CAS - a replacement for PloneCASLogin, which has not been 
>>>> updated. The basics work. I now want to hide the login portlet, 
>>>> since it is non-functional and confusing with CAS.
> I'm not sure how comfortable I'd be installing a product if I knew it 
> was going to remove a core part of Plone (even if uninstalling the 
> package puts it back). I think it'd be easier for everyone if this was 
> just documented and you left the poor portlet alone. :)

OK, OK, I relent. You and Matt have convinced me. I'll just do this manually on 
my site and put the instructions in the README so others can do it easily. I'll 
leave the portlet definition and all the instances as-is.

>>> You would need to do this work on a branch, by the way. :)
>> It looks like it would only affect portlets.py, be a few lines of 
>> code, and would preserve back-compat with the current portlets.xml. 
>> Since I *still* have not sent in my paperwork <duck />, can I just 
>> submit a patch?
> Sure, but you should get commit access - I'm sure you'll be doing more 
> of this in the future. :)

I've got the paperwork signed by our legal dept, so I can not only contribute 
what I write on my own time, but can contribute what I write at work, on a 
per-project-approved-by-legal-dept arrangement. Unfortunately, I hear the 
Foundation needs the original, not the PDF that I have of the original, and the 
original is locked up deep in the catacombs under the legal dept, guarded by 
monsters too horrible to describe (think Wolfram and Hart). I *know* I have to 
do this, especially to get Vice in plone core (fingers crossed), but it's just 
more fun writing code than doing rhetorical battle with lawyers over slips of 
paper. So, I procrastinate. ;)


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