Hiding a Portlet in a Filesystem Package

Derek Richardson derek.richardson at gatech.edu
Tue Oct 16 23:48:33 UTC 2007

Matthew Wilkes wrote:
> On 16 Oct 2007, at 23:23, Derek Richardson wrote:
>> Hey. I'm writing a package to provide a Plone 3.0-compatible UI for 
>> PAS4CAS - a replacement for PloneCASLogin, which has not been updated. 
>> The basics work. I now want to hide the login portlet, since it is 
>> non-functional and confusing with CAS.
> Hi Derek,
>  From my own dealings with CAS, the login form is certainly not 
> non-functional, it's only non-functional if CAS is the sole means of 
> authentication.  

Hmmm. Under what conditions would you have two means (CAS + other) of 
authentication? If there is a use case there, I need to think about it. But it 
seems very strange to me. ;)

> I recommend creating your own CAS login portlet with a 
> link to your CAS provider and letting the user hide or show the standard 
> login portlet as needed.

Ah, that's what old PloneCASLogin did that I never understood. I mean, if the 
'login' link is on the personal bar always and does just as good as a big 'CAS' 
button, then why spend the screen real estate? But, again, if there's a legit 
use case here, I should consider it.

I don't think we're going to use either of these (two auth mechs or big CAS 
button) at Georgia Tech, but, if I'm going to do battle with our legal dept to 
release this publicly (and I plan to), then I want to do it right to make the 
effort worthwhile.

BTW, Matt, is was *great* sprinting with you this weekend. I really appreciate 
your contributions to Vice.


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