Cache-Fu Broken

Eric S Tyrer II etyrer at
Mon Oct 15 16:17:28 UTC 2007

On my production machine V3.0.2 and local machine (error  posted  
here) get the same error:

    - URL: file:/Applications/Plone-3.0.2/Instance/Products/ 
    - Line 123, Column 5
    - Expression: <PythonExpr fieldsets and not allow_tabbing>
    - Names:
       {'container': <PloneSite at /Plone>,
        'context': <CacheTool at /Plone/portal_cache_settings>,
        'default': <object object at 0x38e528>,
        'here': <CacheTool at /Plone/portal_cache_settings>,
        'loop': {},
        'nothing': None,
        'options': {'args': (),
<Products.CMFFormController.ControllerState.ControllerState object at  
        'repeat': <Products.PageTemplates.Expressions.SafeMapping  
object at 0x6e60698>,
        'request': <HTTPRequest, URL=http://localhost:8080/Plone/ 
        'root': <Application at >,
        'template': <FSControllerPageTemplate at /Plone/ 
cache_tool_config used for /Plone/portal_cache_settings>,
        'traverse_subpath': [],
        'user': <PropertiedUser 'admin'>}
   Module Products.PageTemplates.ZRPythonExpr, line 49, in __call__
    - __traceback_info__: fieldsets and not allow_tabbing
   Module PythonExpr, line 1, in <expression>
NameError: name 'allow_tabbing' is not defined

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