Customising the searchbox viewlet

TimSki thingeley at
Sun Oct 14 07:58:10 UTC 2007

Hi, I'm working towards providing a customised searchbox viewlet in Plone
3.0.2 as part of a product I'm developing.  To begin with I've tried the
tutorial at,
but I can't get any of it's examples to work.

To begin with I've tried to hide the existing searchbox viewlet by both
modifying the base viewlets.xml, as well as putting my own viewlets.xml into
my product, and in both cases it's had no effect.  After some experimenting
I decided that viewlets.xml wasn't even being consulted.  I purposefully
made the xml file illegal xml and Plone restarted and displayed the expected
page with no errors.

I can customise the searchbox via the TTW method, but I don't want to do
this, as I want the customisation to be included in my product as a file on

I'm happy to post more details of what I'm trying to do, but as a starter
has anyone followed through the viewlet tutorial and been able to get the
results indicated?

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