PAS Plugin

Derek Richardson derek.richardson at
Tue Oct 9 22:50:07 UTC 2007

I am using the CAS4PAS plugin from The problem is, it allows 
users to log in who aren't in the local plone user store. I want to 
modify the plugin to create local plone users if they don't already 
exist. Is this best done in the .createUser() of PAS?

Another question. I've examined CAS4PAS and it seems to be written in a 
oldstyle way. I've also looked at the NoGoChallenger plugin and it seems 
similar. When I mean oldstyle, the contrast (in my mind, newstyle) would 
be to have a library (packaged as an egg) that automatically adds a 
plugin (a z3 utility) via GenericSetup and then allows configuration 
through a Plone configlet (Death to the ZMI!). Are there any examples of 
doing a PAS plugin this way? Or does the underlying architecture require 
it to be done the way I've seen in the two examples at which I've looked?

I hope everyone is having fun in Naples! I'll be online for the sprint 
this weekend in Naples time - meaning I'll be online starting at 3 AM 
here. ;)


/me wanders off to examine Products.PluggableAuthService

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