Difficulties with Actions

Derek Richardson derek.richardson at gatech.edu
Mon Oct 8 19:37:41 UTC 2007

Martin Aspeli wrote:
> Derek Richardson wrote:
 >> ...
>> Unfortunately, the CAS server needs to know whether javascript and 
>> cookies are enabled and this info is harvested on the linking page via 
>> javascript and passed via the form parameters (the form method is GET) 
>> to the CAS server.
>> I don't know how to do this from a GenericSetup action registration. 
>> It simply takes a URL which, while it can by dynamic, can't AFAICT 
>> include javascript. Does anyone see how I can produce these urls from 
>> action definitions?
> Why not just have it point to a view that works this out and then 
> performs an immediate redirect?

Excellent idea. Thanks!

>> This reminds me of a post I made a few weeks ago that received no 
>> replies entitled "Vertically Stacked Dynamic Links in Document Actions". 
> Maybe because it had a terrible title? :-)

Yes, it was a bit dense, huh? ;)

>> It's short, so I'll include it here:
>> #####
>> I want to get an entry on the document actions line that has multiple 
>> links. Example: stacked on top of each other, "Atom Feed", "RSS2 
>> Feed", and "RSS Feed", each going to a separate url. But I don't want 
>> them distributed horizontally, as separate document actions would have 
>> it. Also, they must be dynamic based on the context - folder A may 
>> have all 3, while folder B lacks the RSS2 feed. I tried inserting 
>> another viewlet into the manager, but so far haven't gotten it to 
>> work. So I'm asking for advice...
> This leaves me asking, "what did you try"... Did you fail to install a 
> viewlet? Did you fail to make it have the layout you want? There's not 
> enough information here to help you. If I ignored the post the first 
> time, it was probably because of the open-ended question. ;-)

OK, perhaps I wasn't adequately following the question guidelines...

>> #####
> A viewlet can be made to work - as can a bunch of regular actions and 
> some creative CSS. At the end of the day, this comes down to CSS.

Ah, but, see, there *is* enough info to help! By merely saying it's 
possible, I know that I should be able to figure it out. I thought that, 
from the lack of reply, it might not be possible. Now I will redouble my 
efforts. :)

>> I am guessing that, if I hit the similar problems twice in two very 
>> different contexts in a few weeks, either I have a systematic 
>> misunderstanding or there's a real challenge here. It seems to me that 
>> it would be nice if actions were more flexible, to be able to render a 
>> nested viewlet as well as a URL. This would give product authors much 
>> more flexibility. What do y'all think?
> I don't think it'd be appropriate to change the actions machinery for 
> this. If actions aren't flexible enough for you, you're most likely 
> going to be able to register a new viewlet, order it properly, and style 
> it with CSS.

So, yes, it was a systematic misunderstanding. Thanks, Martin!


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