new user registration failure

julien.63 at julien.63 at
Mon Oct 8 07:29:49 UTC 2007

I've developped my own skin based on DIYPlone.
When I'm using it in my plone site, I have a problem with new users
* the admin register a new member
* this member receive an email with a link to passwordreset (something like :
* filling and submitting the form to set the password, the user has an error
message :

"Error setting password
Sorry, this appears to be an invalid request. Please make sure you copied
the URL exactly as it appears in your email and that you entered your
user name correctly."

No error message in the event.log

When applying the plone default style, then it's working fine again...
Obviously, I made something wrong while setting my own style... but I have no
idea what !

Does someone has an idea?



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