svn on production site

Héctor Velarde hvelarde at
Thu Oct 4 00:15:14 UTC 2007

George Lee wrote:
> Is it acceptable practice to use svn checkouts on a production site?

I don't know if this is acceptable for other people, but we do it all 
the time, specially as we have in-house developments.

we also use SVN to keep record of all server configuration files 
changes, and I think that's cool too.

> Also, if it is okay to use svn, any documentation on how to set up an online
> svn instead of on my home laptop? =)

what do you mean? setup a SVN repository? you better take a look at SVN 
site to find out documentation on it:

depending on your OS it's pretty easy to use it on your production 
server: just install SVN and use "svn co <repository> <localdir>" and 
"svn update <localdir>" at your convenience.

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