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Wed Oct 3 15:08:12 UTC 2007

Quoting George Lee <georgeleejr at>:

> Is it acceptable practice to use svn checkouts on a production site?
An SVN checkout is, almost by definition, _not_tested_.  Running  
untested code on a production system _will_ bite you.
Also, you should not change code in an installed Product.  Zope does  
not refer back to the code for an installed Product - at least not in  
all circumstances - wiser listers than I could be a bit more precise  
about this - but the rule of thumb is that the ZODB wins, _not_ the  

> I'm running into a problem where I need to fix bugs, but I don't know
> whether to fix it elsewhere and do a fresh export, or use svn to keep files
> in sync.
Not entirely certain how you expect to use SVN to "keep files in  
sync", but to be honest this sounds like a bad idea (see above).  You  
should apply a fix to the code, package up a new version of the  
Product (use the version.txt to track version numbers and keep a  
changes log in the tarball too), then upgrade your Production server  
from that - after testing it first.
You _will_ need to write migration code to the new version - or be  
_certain_ that you don't need to - which means testing it first.

> Also, if it is okay to use svn, any documentation on how to set up an online
> svn instead of on my home laptop? =)
I assume you don't have direct access to an on-line server.  There are  
places that will host projects for you - but the 'free' ones tend to  
be community collaboration sites, so if this is a non-free or private  
project I would read the small print first.
Or you could pay for some managed hosting, and a decent host should  
set up an SVN repository for you.

Chris Derson

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