Portlet settings from a GS profile?

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Mon Oct 1 20:37:17 UTC 2007

Hi Raphael,

> in a "site product" I'm doing I would like to set the
> portlet configuration from an extension profile but
> I get the impression that that's currently (Plone 3.0.1)
> not supported - or am I missing something?

It's not - and it should be. We just never had time to do it. The 
hardest part for me was to come up with a sensible syntax that is able 
to deal with contextual/location-specific portlets, deciding how to deal 
with loading portlets of arbitrary types with arbitrary properties (a 
portlet assignment is just a persistent class), and deciding how to 
export contextual/location-specific portlets efficiently.


> And just to clarify: I'm not talking about what portlet
> managers to provide neither about what types of portlets
> to make available in general but rather things like:
>   - changing the configuration of the navigation portlet
>     (e.g., such that it gets displayed even at portal root)
>   - reordering the default templates
>   - adding a 'classic' portlet (e.g., at top right) pointing
>     to a custom macro defined the old way
> In the old days this was easily available via the properties
> (root/site/navigation) and their GS support but how do I do
> this now?

True. That said, properties at non-root were not really supported, 
AFAIK? Or was the 'structure' handler able to deal with this as well?

> Doing this TTP is all nice and handy but how do I safe that
> in a profile? Is somebody already working on that?

I'd like to work on this, but I'd like some help. Lately, I've been 
stretched pretty thin.


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