Standalone Button in ControlPanelForm

Christian Klinger cklinger at
Fri Aug 31 14:30:37 UTC 2007


i try to make a ControlPanelForm with FormFieldsets.
Everything works nice so far.

Now i try to make a Standalone Button in one of my Fieldsets.
(Something like the "Restart Button" in @@maintenance-controlpanel.

If i try to add the button like this:

class SolrControlPanel(ControlPanelForm):
     form_fields = FormFieldsets(solrcontrol, solrfields,)

#    @form.action(_(u'Delete all Plone Entries'), validator=null_validator,)
#    def handle_shutdown_action(self, action, data):

the other buttons (Save,..) are no more rendered.
Only the "Delete all Plone Entries" Button is rendered.

Any Ideas



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