What does plone.recipe.plone track?

Derek Richardson derek.richardson at gatech.edu
Fri Aug 31 15:29:12 UTC 2007

Martin Aspeli wrote:
> plone.recipe.plone tracks what's in dist_plone at a time when the 
> release is made. It should point to the Plone 3 products tarball, and 
> all the eggs for 3.0 final, with fixed versions.
> The best way to peg it, is to do:
> [plone]
> recipe = plone.recipe.plone==3.0
> What are you seeing that makes you think otherwise?

It seems my earlier message didn't make it to the list. Hopefully I am 
not repeating what people have already read.

I submitted http://dev.plone.org/plone/ticket/7028 against 3.0-final as 
the cause for failing ftests in Vice. I have heard from others that 
deleting their buildout caches and rerunning the Vice buildout 
(yesterday) allows the ftests to run without errors - i.e., this defect 
goes away. I still have a failing buildout on my machine, as I haven't 
refreshed my buildout. How can I determine if my buildout contains 
3.0-final or another, earlier version?


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