What does plone.recipe.plone track?

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Thu Aug 30 19:52:47 UTC 2007

Derek Richardson wrote:
> I guessed that it would be pegged to 3.0-final but I'm discovering I am 
> wrong.


> If I need to test my product on multiple plone versions (3.0 final, 
> projected 3.0.1, projected 3.5), how do I accomplish this with buildout?

plone.recipe.plone tracks what's in dist_plone at a time when the 
release is made. It should point to the Plone 3 products tarball, and 
all the eggs for 3.0 final, with fixed versions.

The best way to peg it, is to do:

recipe = plone.recipe.plone==3.0

What are you seeing that makes you think otherwise?


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