script returns nothing when value is false

patrimith paddysmith at
Tue Aug 28 13:49:57 UTC 2007

Hi List!

We've written a small Script (Python) called, for the sake of argument,
booleanScript. It lives in our skins folder and returns True or False after
checking for a condition.

When called from other python code, no problem: True and False are both
returned as expected.

When called TTW and the condition is True,
http://localhost:8080/MyGSInstalledProduct/booleanScript returns the word
'True' so that all you see in the browser window is the word 'True'.

When called TTW and the condition is False,
http://localhost:8080/MyGSInstalledProduct/booleanScript returns nothing and
the browser window does not seem affected.

When accessed via XMLRPC, a return value of True is received as True, but a
return value of False results in a blank (i.e. no response).

Any ideas why when a Script (Python) returns a value of False no response is


Patrick Smith
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