Raphael Ritz r.ritz at
Tue Aug 28 13:17:30 UTC 2007

[sorry for cross-posting but I think this is of interest to both lists]

Hi folks,

for a site I'm about to do I want to use PloneSoftwareCenter (PSC),
PloneHelpCenter (PHC) and POI pretty much like they are deployed
on except I want to do this using Plone 3, of course ;-)

To this end, those products (and their dependencies) need to be
upgraded to some extend (e.g., switching to GS-based installation
as they provide custom workflows).

Now my questions:

1. Has anyone started doing some of this already somewhere?
With the exception of a plone3-support branch for POI
I have not seen anything in the repository yet.

2. Related to the above: if I start working on this, where should I best
branch off? Mostly off current trunk I guess but for PSC there is
also a 'maturity-roadmap-refectoring' branch (which is also used
by the PloneOrg dev-bundle). Any pointers maybe where to start for what?

3. I plan to work against the Plone 3.0 release or are there reasons
to better develop against plone trunk? (I want the deployment to use
the release after all)

Note that my primary goal is to make these products available from
Plone 3. I'm not considering any major refactorings other than to
make them work on Plone 3 but I know that people have ideas on how to
improve them further.

Finally, one other question:

While I've noticed that POI when used from within PSC behaves a bit
differently I've never cared so far to figure out exactly what this
is about. Any pointer anywhere which would help me grasping the intended
changes right away?

Thanks for listening and comments welcome,


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