State of Calendaring Solutions for Plone 3

Eric S Tyrer II etyrer at
Tue Aug 28 03:15:21 UTC 2007

We've been testing Plone 3, working on workflow/approval flow setup,  
authentication with AD. The hard part is squaring up our products  
from 2.5.2 and have managed to get 90% of them functioning. I realize  
that Plone 3 has been out like a week but, one of the two products  
that we rely on is is CalendarX.

Calendar X has been sitting at 0.6.6 for a while and while  
Plone4Artists Calendar, looks really nice its not ready yet for Plone  
3. CalendarX is hosted on SourceForge and there's been some talk of  
moving it to the Collective... Perhaps after the Conference  
Plone4Artists may be ready. In the meantime any suggestions on  
possible solutions or help out?



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