Downsides of moving from Products to lib/python?

Maurits van Rees m.van.rees at
Mon Aug 27 16:43:07 UTC 2007

Hanno Schlichting, on 2007-08-25:
> Just because po files aren't listed in the Control_Panel/PTS doesn't
> mean they won't get picked up. Starting in Plone 2.5 PTS is not the main
> translation service anymore but the one from Five is. This one will load
> a translation registered for Zope3 first and fall back to PTS if none is
> found.

Ah, good to know.

> This means that as soon as you register your translations in the Zope3
> way with locales folders and the configure zcml snippet, everything
> works fine both in pure Zope3 code as well as in Zope2 code.

Right, I see I made a mistake.  For the Dutch language I copied
i18n/blah-nl.po to locales/nl/LC_MESSAGES/blah-nl.po.  Of course since
'nl' is already the folder name the po file should just be named
blah.po.  Then it works in Plone 2.5 (and I am sure that would work in
3.0 as well).

>> A. Is there a way to have po files in lib/python get picked up by
>>    Zope 2 after all?
> Simple answer: Just use the locales folder layout and register it via
> zcml. This should be the preferred way for all add-on products or
> packages targeting Plone 3.0 or newer. In Plone 4.0 or 4.5 the support
> for the i18n folder layout will probably be removed.
> Hanno


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