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Mikel Larreategi mlarreategi at
Thu Aug 23 06:36:31 UTC 2007

Maurits van Rees(e)k dio:
> The code is mostly done by Zest Software for one of our customers.
> Currently no work is done for that client.
> Some playing on the command line with the svn log shows these commit
> numbers:
>       1  erral 
>       1  thomasdesvenain 
>       5  mborch 
>       6  jladage 
>       9  rocky 
>      15  reinout 
>      29  maurits 
> And this week I heard Stefan Eletzhofer (seletz on irc) wanted to look
> at getting feedfeeder working with rss.  So you may want to contact him.

I (erral) did some work to avoid some strange AttributeErrors (like the
ones at and other feeds
that were not updated because they have no updated date and put them in
a branch, but that was some months ago for a particular project that
ended the next week after local elections :)

We used feedfeeder to syndicate blogs, feeds and news from
newspapers in a Plone site, and it worked great with some cronjobs.



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