Notes on Collage

Malthe Borch mborch at
Wed Aug 22 20:48:30 UTC 2007

> 1) All changes happen instantaneously. Not a huge deal unless we're talking
> about the home page of a site. Not sure how this will play with CacheFu if
> the site is heavily cached. Maybe Malte can shed some light? Perhaps 3.0
> staging will take care of this? Will the product be 3.0 ready anytime soon?

I think staging will take care of the first issue –– I'm not quite sure 
how it works for container objects. Collage trunk is 3.0-ready, but 
expect a release tarball that is fully 2.5/3.0 compatible shortly. 
Inline-editing is coming but it will depend on code changes that will 
be in the first maintenance release (3.0.1).

> 2) Go to a collage. Add new content to the first column of that collage.
> Suddenly, you change your mind and want to move that to another area within
> your collage. To do this, try to go to another column in your collage, and
> say "add existing". Add it. Go back to the first column and try to delete i
> t
> from the first column. It deletes the entire content object from both
> columns and does not give you the option of pasting it elsewhere. Ideally,
> drag and drop would be great for this.

We need cut and paste. It will be in 1.0-final.

> 3) It is hard to tell what is in your collage. The only way to do this is t
> o
> drill down to a collage column and view the contents tab via Manage Page /
> Contents / Edit an object / Click on the column you are modifying in the
> navigation area. You do not get a contents tab when accessing your collage
> from its main "root" level, which would be ideal. Additionally, even when
> you can see navigation items in the navigation portlet, they are not named.

The contents tab is disabled on purpose. It should not be necessary to 
understand the internal hierarchy to use the product. Until cut and 
paste is implemented, I understand this is not really satisfactory.

> All objects created within a Collage
> are considered Collage objects, not regular Plone objects, as far as I can
> tell.

They are regular Archetypes-object. You can move them out of the Collage.

> For our group -- and for flexibility down the road -- we are thinking that
> perhaps we should not add content objects directly into a Collage, but
> rather add all of those items to another non-Collage folder. That way we
> have an upgrade path in the future if we need one.

Since everything is based on objects that you can create anywhere in 
your Plone site, you should be safe creating content inside the 
Collage. Otherwise, use the alias feature. That's what it's made for.

> 5) Create a content object outside of your collage. Add it to a collage. It
> claims to add it as an alias. Delete it from your collage. It deletes it
> from the collage, but the deletion message implies that it will delete the
> actual content object from your site, not just an alias. The only way to
> know that you aren't deleting a piece of content is the "alias" tag next to
> an item on your collage. Not entirely intuitive.

Please open a new issue in the tracker for this if you want this 
behavior improved.

> 6) When results from Rich Topics/Smart Folders aren¹t returning anything yo
> u
> still see Title and Description. These items should be able to
> programmatically disappear.

Same here. Or try looking in Collage/browser/views/ 
and fix it.

> 7) If we could build some out of the box layouts and save those in a
> library, that would be super great.

Please elaborate on how this would work optimally for you. I'm 
currently considering different models and I'd like some feedback on it.

> All in all, a great tool, and we are very excited!

Thanks, I appreciate it.


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