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Maurits van Rees m.van.rees at
Wed Aug 22 14:02:55 UTC 2007

Derek Richardson, on 2007-08-22:
> One, I need to know who is actively working on FeedFeeder, esp. the 
> official maintainer. Rocky gave me some names at the Boston sprint, but 
> I didn't write them down and have since forgotten. :(

The code is mostly done by Zest Software for one of our customers.
Currently no work is done for that client.

Some playing on the command line with the svn log shows these commit

      1  erral 
      1  thomasdesvenain 
      5  mborch 
      6  jladage 
      9  rocky 
     15  reinout 
     29  maurits 

And this week I heard Stefan Eletzhofer (seletz on irc) wanted to look
at getting feedfeeder working with rss.  So you may want to contact him.

> FeedFeeder strikes me as the best existing basis for this work. I am 
> beginning to look at the FeedFeeder code to see how extensively I will 
> have to extend it. I am announcing my intentions so that I can get 
> feedback from others and so that I can get permission from the 
> FeedFeeder maintainer ("find . -iname 'license.*'" gets no hits in the 
> FeedFeeder trunk, so my operating assumption is that the code is public 
> domain. My code will likely be GPL.).

Good point.  I just added a GPL license. :)

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