To the developers of FeedFeeder

Derek Richardson derek.richardson at
Wed Aug 22 13:38:28 UTC 2007

One, I need to know who is actively working on FeedFeeder, esp. the 
official maintainer. Rocky gave me some names at the Boston sprint, but 
I didn't write them down and have since forgotten. :(

Two, I am considering doing some (likely to be extensive) work either in 
the FeedFeeder project or based on it but hosted through Vice 
( This is work that was 
originally planned for the Summer of Code but that got displaced in time 
due to the complexities of implementing solid outbound syndication. I am 
now getting ready to return to it.

My immediate need is to be able to move content from one Plone site 
(source) to another (target). Syndication, with its open formats, seems 
a good mechanism for this. I would like to syndicate content items 
outbound using Vice and then read them into another Plone and store them 
in the ZODB as real ATCT (the same ATCT that exists in the source Plone 

FeedFeeder strikes me as the best existing basis for this work. I am 
beginning to look at the FeedFeeder code to see how extensively I will 
have to extend it. I am announcing my intentions so that I can get 
feedback from others and so that I can get permission from the 
FeedFeeder maintainer ("find . -iname 'license.*'" gets no hits in the 
FeedFeeder trunk, so my operating assumption is that the code is public 
domain. My code will likely be GPL.).

You can reach me offlist by placing a dot in between my first and last 
names and appending ''.


Derek Richardson

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