Plone 3.0 tagged

Wichert Akkerman wichert at
Fri Aug 17 11:46:27 UTC 2007

We are almost there! I just tagged Plone 3.0. Over the next couple of
days we will be making the installers and preparing the press materials
so we can do the proper release on Tuesday. 

As part of the release a fair amount of changes where made in the
subversion repositories that are important for developers:

* CMFPlone has a new 3.0 branch. This is a maintenance branch, so only
  bugfixes are allowed there. Everything else needs to happen on trunk.

* The 3.0, 3.0-zopecommit and 3.0-lib bundles are also in maintenance
  mode now. At the moment they still track the same trunks and branches
  of all packages and products, but if we see changes appear that should
  not happen in a maintenance branch we will switch to using tags or
  revision pins to guarantee stability.

* There are new subversion bundles that track Plone trunk that should be
  used for ongoing Plone development:
    This is the standard Zope Products bundle.
    This is the same as the trunk bundle, except it uses svn+ssh for
    products maintained on This can only be used by
    people who have commit rights there.
    This is the python packages bundle for Plone trunk.

* ploneout trunk has been updated to follow Plone trunk. If you want to
  keep following Plone 3.0 there is a new 3.0 ploneout branch you can
  use at

* plone.recipe.plone has been updated for the 3.0. If you are using
  buildout for a Plone 3 based project this is highly recommend. See for more


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