J Cameron Cooper jccooper at
Wed Aug 15 15:11:01 UTC 2007

Frederik Christensen wrote:
> Hi
> I'm trying to unserstand the ATPhoto Product. The Controller Python 
> Script located /ATPhoto/atphotoListPhoto is used to pic the types of 
> "Image" and "ATPhoto". Line starting with "if images:" when will that be 
> true?
> I'm looking for how this controller script is used by other components, 
> i.e. the atphotoalbum_slideshow Controller Page Template but can not 
> find an reference to atphotoListPhoto.
> Any idears?

The string 'atphotoListPhoto' must be referenced somewhere else in the 
code (if it is actually used) at least once. If grep does not show you 
any occurrences, perhaps it is not used anymore.

If you know that it is called, but cannot find from where, you can 
insert some exception throw in the script and look at the traceback to 
see what called it. (In regular code you could do this with pdb and a 
'where', but that's a bit problematic with restricted code.)



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