Atompub for Plone?

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Mon Aug 13 10:04:28 UTC 2007

seems like we've got ourselves an ally ;-)

perhaps we can use some of that...

on another note: i'm currently still busy working on my current non- 
profit-just-for-fun project (a grok-based bittorrent client), so i  
won't be able to invest much actual coding time for this right now,  
but i think it would be a good idea to go ahead with the interface  
specification and discuss that here: perhaps you could go ahead and  
start with your proposed IMember / ICollection / IService etc.?

another thing to look at is amplee[1] which already offers a storage  
implementation for ZODB.

my own approach would be to 'hook up amplee with zope3', create z3  
interfaces for its classes (member, slug, collection etc.) -- either  
by adopting their existing signature 1:1 or by writing some light- 
weight adapters.

how's that sound to y'all?


On 06.08.2007, at 20:03, Sean Gillies wrote:

> Tom,
> Have you seen Pete Lacey's appfs? Mounts an Atompub service on your  
> filesystem, which would seem to be ideal for blogging. This  
> demonstrates Atompub's potential as much as anything I've seen.
> The interfaces seem obvious: IMember (with derived IEntry/IMedia),  
> ICollection, IService. So do the analogies to IContainer and  
> IContained. The Zope 3 publisher already supports HTTP PUT and  
> DELETE, does it not? It looks to me like the media/linking part of  
> the protocol and cataloging is where most of the complexity lies.
> Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to make it to the  
> conference this year :(
> Cheers,
> Sean
> Tom Lazar wrote:
>> hi guys,
>> i am indeed very interesting in implementing atompub for zope and  
>> plone. i've even had the chance to meet tim bray a few weeks ago,  
>> one of the authors and evangelists of the protocol and he had some  
>> convincing arguments why atompub will be pretty important.
>> as die-hard plonista/zopista i'd like to see zope and plone play a  
>> leading role in spreading and supporting this protocol.
>> IMNSHO the tricky part will be the design and architecture of how  
>> to make this generic. the actual atom implementation itself is  
>> rather straight forward. this is probably the biggest reason why i  
>> haven't started out yet in earnest. perhaps we can discuss the  
>> design of such an implementation here (if that's on-topic enough)  
>> and then get some advice from some of the zope gurus.
>> this would also make a nice lighning-talk / BOF topic for the  
>> upcoming conference (where all the experts can be cornered in a  
>> pub and bribed with beer!)
>> so, sean, if you got anything in particular in mind, go ahead and  
>> shoot ;-)
>> @tim: thanks for cc:ing me... i had 212 unread messages on the  
>> list, but i'll keep following from now on again...
>> cheers,
>> tom
>> On 06.08.2007, at 17:24, Tim Hicks wrote:
>>> Sean Gillies wrote:
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> Is anyone interested in collaborating on, or already working on, an
>>>> Atompub implementation?
>>>> I've got a toy service at  
>>>> and
>>>> would like to do such a thing for Zope and Plone. My specific  
>>>> use case
>>>> is for geography or GIS (sketched out at
>>>> zope/
>>>> ), but I'm sure there's a lot of common ground that would be better
>>>> served by a general purpose package.
>>> Hi Sean,
>>> I don't have the time or inclination to work on this myself, but  
>>> I know
>>> that Tom Lazar is very interested (cc'd in case he's not on this  
>>> list).
>>> As part of my SoC project, I've been working on remote blogging  
>>> (which
>>> Atom Publishing is an example of, if I'm not mistaken).  I have a
>>> package in the collective that is intended to hold interfaces and
>>> implementations for these sorts of things, and currently has that  
>>> for
>>> MetaWeblogAPI:
>>> < 
>>> trunk/quills/remoteblogging>.
>>> Maybe that's of interest to you.
>>> Tim
>> Tom Lazar
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