Handling multiple releases in PSC

Wichert Akkerman wichert at wiggy.net
Fri Aug 10 10:29:14 UTC 2007

The current version of PSC has a user interface that pretty much forces
you to remove pre-releases of a product when you make a new pre-release
or final release. If you do not do that users will be presented with
all pre-releases when viewing a product release and all of them will
have a title claiming to be the latest release, which is highly

Unfortunately his has a major problem: it means pre-releases are no
longer downloadable which can break anything that relies on them. As an
example Hanno made some new releases for Plone 3.0 yesterday and as a
result the plone.recipe.plone buildout recipe no longer works now since
the products that it wants to downlaod no longer exist.

How can we solve that?

I think that PSC should not force you to remove pre-release downloads
but use another way to manage them. Personally I think its current
workflow-based release management concept does not work and would prefer
a branch-based approach: instead of defining a version you create a
branch inside which you can create different versions. That has several

- you can set the maturity level per release without affecting changing
  its version. This allows you to release something and after it has
  been in production for a while without any problems mark that.

- it posibly provides a cleaner way to manage multiple branches of a
  product in parallel, having a different stability level for each

- you can make pre-releases normal releases which stay around after you
  make another (pre-)release, meaning you have more history available
  and, very important, not having to delete downloads for older

- the current workflow-based system appears to be something a lot of
  people do not understand. I personally find it very non-intuitive
  (and I know Alex disagrees with me here).

Of course that is a long term option. I'm not sure what the best
short-term solution is.


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