Replacing the portal_syndication tool through migration

Derek Richardson derek.richardson at
Thu Aug 9 14:09:34 UTC 2007

Martin Aspeli wrote:
> Derek Richardson wrote:
> Note that if you need to replace a tool for anything other than strictly 
> providing a compatability interface for legacy code, you're regressing 
> rather than progressing.

Thanks Martin and Wichert! Now that I know *how* to do it, the question 
is: *should* I? Thus I am curious about why replacing a tool would be 

I planned on replacing the portal_syndication tool to remove the 
frequency settings (because all feeds will be updated immediately upon 
publishing an item) and to add some other settings. I will be replacing 
all the useful functionality of the legacy syndication code, so that 
isn't a reason to keep the tool around (some third-party product might 
have a dependency, but I don't know...). If I just get rid of the legacy 
portal_syndication tool, where do I keep my site-wide settings? In a z3 
utility with a configlet UI?


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