Atompub for Plone?

Tom Lazar lists at
Mon Aug 6 17:05:32 UTC 2007

hi guys,

i am indeed very interesting in implementing atompub for zope and  
plone. i've even had the chance to meet tim bray a few weeks ago, one  
of the authors and evangelists of the protocol and he had some  
convincing arguments why atompub will be pretty important.

as die-hard plonista/zopista i'd like to see zope and plone play a  
leading role in spreading and supporting this protocol.

IMNSHO the tricky part will be the design and architecture of how to  
make this generic. the actual atom implementation itself is rather  
straight forward. this is probably the biggest reason why i haven't  
started out yet in earnest. perhaps we can discuss the design of such  
an implementation here (if that's on-topic enough) and then get some  
advice from some of the zope gurus.

this would also make a nice lighning-talk / BOF topic for the  
upcoming conference (where all the experts can be cornered in a pub  
and bribed with beer!)

so, sean, if you got anything in particular in mind, go ahead and  
shoot ;-)

@tim: thanks for cc:ing me... i had 212 unread messages on the list,  
but i'll keep following from now on again...



On 06.08.2007, at 17:24, Tim Hicks wrote:

> Sean Gillies wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Is anyone interested in collaborating on, or already working on, an
>> Atompub implementation?
>> I've got a toy service at and
>> would like to do such a thing for Zope and Plone. My specific use  
>> case
>> is for geography or GIS (sketched out at
>> ), but I'm sure there's a lot of common ground that would be better
>> served by a general purpose package.
> Hi Sean,
> I don't have the time or inclination to work on this myself, but I  
> know
> that Tom Lazar is very interested (cc'd in case he's not on this  
> list).
> As part of my SoC project, I've been working on remote blogging (which
> Atom Publishing is an example of, if I'm not mistaken).  I have a
> package in the collective that is intended to hold interfaces and
> implementations for these sorts of things, and currently has that for
> MetaWeblogAPI:
> < 
> trunk/quills/remoteblogging>.
>  Maybe that's of interest to you.
> Tim

Tom Lazar

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