[Plone Scandinavia] A couple of questions

erikcederstrand erik at cederstrand.dk
Thu May 10 12:56:43 UTC 2007

Well, I got a couple of encouragements on my previous mai, so here goes. If
you feel the need to tell me to RTFM, a relevant link would be nice :-)

I want to migrate http://vandreklub.dk to Plone. It's a community site with
about 250 users. I'd like to build on Plone 3.0, since it's out soon anyway,
and (among other things) the Content Rule feature answers some of my
problems with 2.5. To begin with, I have 2 use cases I'd like some
suggestions to:

1. Membership fees
Members of the club pay a yearly fee to the club. The cashier must regularly
search for members that have not paid the fee this year, and send email
reminders to those who have not yet paid. Also, members need an overview of
the fees they have paid until now. The actual money is handled by
netbanking, but I'd like to track payments on the website.

The way it's solved in the old website is for the cashier to manually add
payments to a list of payments related to the member. An SQL is run to
identify non-paying members who have not already recieved a reminder, update
the list with a reminder object and send an email to the member.

I've used ArgoUML /ArchGenXML to create two custom content types: "payment"
and "reminder" to be placed in membership folders. This would allow memers
to see their payments, and it would link a payment to a member. The idea was
to have the cashier add a payment object to the member's folder when a
payment is recieved in the bank (this solution would be ok). But reminders
need to be handled more automatically, since sometimes 100 reminders must be
created when a payment deadline expires. So, how do I e.g. search for
membership folders not containing a payment marked "2007", automatically add
a reminder object to the folder and send an email to the offending member?

I have also looked at the commerce products to try to exploit the
customer/invoice analogy of this use case. However, I didn't find anything
which seemed to do what I want.

2. Letters
When new members arrive, we send a letter by snail mail with various
information. A frontpage should be generated, ready for printing, with the
address of the member, a predetermined text and the name and contact info of
the person in charge of members.

The old homepage generates an RTF file with a layout so the address fits
with those envelopes with a window. If multiple letters need to be sent, the
pages are concatenated so there is only one file to print.

Is it possible to generate an RTF or PDF file using Plone?

That's all for now,
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