[Plone-IT] enfold alla riscossa!

Yuri yurj a alfa.it
Mer 29 Giu 2011 10:47:09 UTC

    Enfold Desktop 4.7 beta

Enfold Desktop 4.7 beta is a minor release of Enfold Systems' Plone 
integration with your Windows desktop.  This new version brings Plone 
and Enfold Desktop closer to SharePoint-like functionality including:

    * Compatible with Plone 4
    * Notification mechanism which monitors file changes and saves
      to your Plone server.
    * Auto-checkin; when a document closes, it is is unlocked on the
      Plone server.
    * Ability to click inside of Plone and launch the local application
      which can edit that document type


li adoro!

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