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Q: Can I perform SQL queries on the data in the database?

A: No. Like FileStorage <http://wiki.zope.org/ZODB/FileStorage> and
DirectoryStorage <http://wiki.zope.org/ZODB/DirectoryStorage>,
RelStorage<http://wiki.zope.org/ZODB/RelStorage>stores the data as
pickles, making it hard for anything but ZODB to
interpret the data. An earlier project called Ape attempted to store data in
a truly relational way, but it turned out that Ape worked too much against
ZODB principles and therefore could not be made reliable enough for
production use. RelStorage <http://wiki.zope.org/ZODB/RelStorage>, on the
other hand, is much closer to an ordinary ZODB storage, and is therefore
much safer for production use.

Questo e' chiaro:
si usa postgres per lo storage  pickles, ma solo ZODB lo capisce;
un agente esterno che non conosce nulla di ZODB probabilmente legge garbage.

Ma piu' sotto , verso la fine, si parla di
e la risposta mi sembra del tipo "si puo' fare anche in plone" :

So, once ZODB objects (pickles) are stored as native
PostgreSQL<http://wiki.zope.org/ZODB/PostgreSQL>data types, indexing
is already there, in several forms, ready for access
via PostgreSQL <http://wiki.zope.org/ZODB/PostgreSQL>'s native SQL API.

That, plus PostgreSQL <http://wiki.zope.org/ZODB/PostgreSQL>'s native array
data type, is an invitation to reveal what true Object Publishing is all

Add PostgreSQL <http://wiki.zope.org/ZODB/PostgreSQL>'s clustering /
replication, and
somewhat less to offer as a "unique" solution.

just another $.02 Jerry S.

con riferimento implicito

Qualcuno ha esperienza su RelStorage ?

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