[Plone-IT] European Plone Symposium 09 - Register now

Vincenzo Barone vincenzo.barone a abstract.it
Mar 17 Feb 2009 11:47:49 UTC

It's finally open the registration form to take part in the European  
Plone Symposium 2009.
European Plone Symposium 09 - Register now

European Plone Symposium

You can now visit the event web site http://symposium.abstract.it/registration 
  and confirm your participation to the meeting.

The 150€ fees we are asking you includes:

    * entrance to the symposium
    * lunch for the 2 symposium days
    * 2 coffee breaks a day
    * all the symposium's materials
    * the gala dinner (13th May)

The registration form will close the 29th of April, so don't go  
wasting time.

Remember the call for proposal form is still open and so are the  
sponsor positions.

For payment methods other than credit card, please contact us at  
Abstract Open Solutions http://www.abstract.it

Tel. 0039 0810608213

E-mail: symposium a abstract.it

You can also find all the related information at http://plone.org/events/regional/european-symposium-2009

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