[Plone-IT] Two weeks to European Plone Symposium

Vincenzo Barone vincenzo.barone a abstract.it
Mer 29 Apr 2009 11:33:23 UTC

Abstract Open Solutions wants to remember you that the Symposium's  
registration will end shortly; if you hadn't registered yet, you can  
still do it at http://symposium.abstract.it/registration. The  
Symposium is coming soon, we are almost there, so we thought that  
could be useful to recall a few information:

11-12 May - a 2 days Training session on Plone

13-14 May – the real Symposium session with talks and meetings

15-16-17 May – the long week-end dedicated to the Sprint

So, you still have some time;
if you want to take part in the symposium's sprint go at http://www.openplans.org/projects/sorrento-sprint-2009/project-home 
   even if you are not an expert you can give us some useful  
information about what would you like to work on during the event;
the Wiki will really help us creating a better meeting, choosing the  
real “hot” topics, and give you back the most you can have.
If you have interest in the special training sessions you can visit  
our dedicated page at http://www.abstract.it/formazione/corso-plone-base-skinning-2

Now, if you still need more information, visit the main web site at http://plone.org/events/regional/european-symposium-2009/plone-symposium-european-2009-sorrento-1 
. Otherwise just ensure you are registered and ready to pack.
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