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Giacomo Casarin - Virgilio giacomo_casarin a virgilio.it
Mer 15 Apr 2009 14:21:26 UTC

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> We have received a request da giacomo_casarin a virgilio.it for
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> Or include the following line -- and only the following line -- in a
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>    confirm ffd58f6b8793580d09b0b196f950dea310eaafda
> Note that simply sending a `reply' to this message should work from
> most mail readers, since that usually leaves the Subject: line in the
> right form (additional "Re:" text in the Subject: is okay).
> If you do not wish to be subscribed to this list, please simply
> disregard this message.  If you think you are being maliciously
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Giacomo Casarin - Virgilio
giacomo_casarin a virgilio.it

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