[Plone-AsiaPacific] Changed to generate shortname for Plone4

Manabu TERADA terapyon at ca2.so-net.ne.jp
Thu Jan 7 08:20:10 UTC 2010


I discovered to change to generate shortname for Plone4.
This is related to use multi-byte-language of title.
In Japan, We are discussing it by local-ml.

How about do you think it?

# I had posted this message to "plone-developer-ml" yesterday.

I'm running test for Plone4b on Japanese. (Plone 4.0b1dev-r32834)
I think this version has a serious problem in working Japanese.

The problem is starting a this ticket:
This ticket is closed, but, we have still some problems.

Problem description:
1. Plone chooses a normalize method by "Site language". We should
choose "Language" of content for better normalization.
2. We should use old method to create short name by old style(like
Plone3.x). (We use "Unidecode" on English with this version.)

1. Normalization method should be chosen on GUI, instead of fixed by
"Site language".
2. If the "Site language" setting is English, normalization method
should be left to old method.

Manabu Terada
terapyon at ca2.so-net.ne.jp

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