[Plone-AsiaPacific] Attending ICOS2009 in Taiwan as Plone team

Naotaka Jay Hotta fukuzo at cybertron.co.jp
Tue Sep 22 08:42:38 UTC 2009

Hello Plone-AsiaPacific

May thanks to Plone evangelist TsungWei Hu (marr) in Taiwan,  we are
proud to announce that CMS communication Inc. is going to attend CMS
Showdown at ICOS2009 in Taiwan as Plone team Ja.


This event is inspired by "the SXSW Showdown on CMS", charlesc, a Drupal
folk in Taiwan, organizes a similar event called "Open Source CMS
Showdown for NPO". After a call for participation, Plone, Joomla and
Drupal (LifeType quits on early September) are the CMS teams. These CMS
teams are paired with the NPO, who requires website specs to be
implemented. Joomla and Drupal team members are Taiwan-based, with one
Drupal member participating online from Australia.

Plone Team Ja is made of Tokyo based web developers who has active
career on CMS (Content Management System) web site development and has
expertise to meet customers' needs timely with a distributed work team.

For Plone development, Mr. Manabu Terada and Mr. Takashi Nagai have
proven base of developing on 3.0 line, not mentioning they have started
as 2.0 line developer and work way up to 3.0 line. To assure the best
user experience and the best appearance of the output website, the team
invited Mr. Takeshi Adachi as a concept designer , Mrs. Kanako Miyamoto
as a HTML & JavaScript coder, Miss Aya Watanabe as a visual designer.

Through the team performance, surely you could find out Plone's
potential as a CMS and the customization techniques.

more info, you can contact:
CMS Communications Inc.
    Plone Team Ja coordinator : 直孝 Jay HOTTA
    email: info at cmscom.jp
    offcie: Taito 3-18-7-101 Taito-ku, Tokyo
    phone: 81-3-5856-0101
    web: http://wwww.cmscom.jp

Naotaka Jay Hotta
Cell 090-1052-5066

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