[Plone-AsiaPacific] Plone version 3.0.3-zh,don't entered Plone site page

Dave Fregon dave at netaxxs.com.au
Mon Mar 2 22:04:56 UTC 2009

On Sun, 2009-03-01 at 22:04 -0800, liubang wrote:
> I have download  Plone, Chinese version 3.0.3-zh, the installation is
> complete, plone controller are in Chinese, start plone, 
> Point of view below, enter http://localhost:80 80 are with my port. 
> But it entered a description of zope.
> I modified the port 80, was revised to 81, enter http://localhost:81 ,but 
> still entered a description of zope,don't entered Plone site page..I nedd
> your help,thanks

I am not familiar with the Plone Controller or Windows, I use Linux, but
you may want to try appending '/Plone':


Otherwise, login by appending '/manage' .. 


and create a Plone Site via the drop down selection, if one does not

Sorry I cannot be of more help, I am not familiar with the Plone
Controller or Windows.


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