[Plone-AsiaPacific] Blank Thai language PO files ADDED to svn

Takeshi Yamamoto tyam at mac.com
Sat Jan 24 04:03:18 UTC 2009

I just added as base files for Thai language po files.
Now, you just need to svn checkout them for filling-out.

What I have done was:
- Clone from POT template file and renamed it with -th.po suffix.
- Changed a couple of definition entries of each files as follows.
   "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8\n"
   "Language-Code: th\n"
   "Language-Name: Thai\n"
   "Preferred-Encodings: utf-8\n"
- Saved it with UTF-8 encoding and LF-only line separator.

Translator might need to check/update Plural Forms entry.

mb1:PloneTranslations retsu$ svn commit -m 'Thai po files added'
Adding         i18n/atcontenttypes-th.po
Adding         i18n/atreferencebrowserwidget-th.po
Adding         i18n/cmfeditions-th.po
Adding         i18n/cmfplacefulworkflow-th.po
Adding         i18n/kupu/kupu-th.po
Adding         i18n/kupu/kupuconfig-th.po
Adding         i18n/kupu/kupupox-th.po
Adding         i18n/linguaplone-th.po
Adding         i18n/passwordresettool-th.po
Adding         i18n/plone-th.po
Adding         i18n/plonelanguagetool-th.po
Transmitting file data ...........
Committed revision 79556.


On Dec 29, 2008, at 10:17 AM, Takeshi Yamamoto wrote:

> Sounds fantastic!
> Please look at "Information for Translators" on the following page.
> http://plone.org/development/teams/i18n/index_html
> Tools are available from following sites.  poedit is the choice for  
> Windows and Mac users.
> http://kbabel.kde.org/
> http://www.poedit.net/
> Also, we might need to prepare initial empty "-th.po" files to be  
> filled out.  It's too much work for him.
> Event hough there is a lot of documentation, he might have no idea  
> how the real work is.
> Also, he might need to understand a lot of Plone jargons quickly.
> It's my pleasure to support him especially when he does the first try.
> I am glad to help him to make it via
>  - email
>  - irc chat
>  - skype voice chat
> Takeshi Yamamoto
> On Dec 29, 2008, at 8:55 AM, Dylan Jay wrote:
>> I have someone who has agreed to do the translation for thai. He's my
>> girlfriends brother and he's about to start a master in IT so it  
>> would look
>> good on his resume.
>> Is there any special process other than just creating a new .po  
>> file and
>> putting in the phrases?
>> Dylan Jay
>> Technical Solutions Manager, Pretaweb.com
>> Skype:dylan_jay P:+61.2.99552830
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>>> QuickSurvey Result
>>> Hi Ofer,
>>> Thanks for your suggestion.  It's shameful that I didn't aware these
>>> pages.
>>> Checking by pro translator could be one of the way to make it done.
>>> But I think "sustainability" is also important.  If there is a  
>>> sponsor
>>> to pay money due to his own purpose,
>>> it will be no problem.  When English POT file upgraded, he/she might
>>> be willing to support to upgrade
>>> their local PO file.  Once that PO file got filled up, followers  
>>> might
>>> show up and maintain it.
>>> So, I think asking to professional translators who are not Plone  
>>> users
>>> is not sustainable.
>>> Another issue is the "quality of translation".  It might be  
>>> difficult
>>> to translate some Plone jargons without
>>> knowing Plone.  For example, content rules and collections are
>>> difficult concept without using them.
>>> It might be good if mostly same individuals continue to update PO  
>>> files.
>>> I don't think professional translators have Plone knowledge usually.
>>> One more thing I want to see is "community expansion".  By
>>> participating their PO file creation and update,
>>> I expect several people will meet and collaborate regardless  
>>> online or
>>> offline.  They could be seeds of
>>> their local community.  Through the PO file initial translation work
>>> and continuous update work, I want
>>> to see the local people gets involved in global community.  I wish  
>>> to
>>> see some of these people will organize
>>> WorldPloneDay locally, hold Plone meetings locally, start up Plone
>>> company locally, etc. someday in future.
>>> As you mentioned, the quality of translation is very important.   
>>> Plone
>>> is used in many big enterprises already here, too.
>>> We are brushing up quality of translation with various IT
>>> professionals who came to monthly local meetings or on mailinglist.
>>> Many of them are not good at English but very good at IT systems.   
>>> So,
>>> both language and systems knowledges
>>> need to be collaborated in depth.
>>> So, I would encourage to have voluntary based translators rather  
>>> than
>>> one-time professional translators.
>>> Also, looking for "sponsors" who has a good reason to improve the
>>> target PO files might be a good idea.
>>> PO file maintenance continues forever and needs continuous  
>>> improvement
>>> scheme.
>>> Best Regards and Happy Holidays!
>>> Takeshi Yamamoto
>>> On Dec 25, 2008, at 1:32 AM, Weisglass Ofer wrote:
>>>> Hi Takeshi,
>>>> This information was on Plone.org next to the translation team page
>>>> for long time
>>>> I also think a page about products translation is very important  
>>>> and
>>>> also how many documents (if any at all) are translated to this
>>>> language
>>>> Fighter with fry-it we also did a summery of the files and not
>>>> translated values and forwarded it to a professional translation
>>>> service company
>>>> I think this is very important step for Plone to have this updated
>>>> and files checked by pro translators and not just by anybody who  
>>>> did
>>>> a bit of translation
>>>> It will be few hounder dollars for each po file to fix and check
>>>> (all bugs and right translation)
>>>> Today Plone is been used by big name companies and better
>>>> translation both for the user interface and for the administrator
>>>> will help Plone a lot
>>>> If I will have a good feedback about this we can continue and take
>>>> donation in order to finish the files
>>>> One last issue - in some languages it is not only the translation
>>>> but also the interface bugs - (Like Right to left languages)
>>>> Please ask to report specific language bugs as well
>>>> Ofer Wiesglass
>>>> On Mon, Dec 22, 2008 at 5:16 PM, Takeshi Yamamoto <tyam at mac.com>
>>>> wrote:
>>>> Let me update the quick survey result from Plone 3.1.7 regarding
>>>> PloneTranslations' PO files.
>>>> http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc? 
>>>> key=pgA5RsCXykF6TE4QJ5eBCJg&hl=en
>>>> - Plone has 60 PO files
>>>> - 28 PO files have more than 80% filled out.
>>>> - 18 PO files have 30%-80% filled out.
>>>> - 10 PO files have less than 30% filled out.
>>>> -   4 PO files could not be determined their percentage with  
>>>> i18ndude.
>>>> I just found Thai language's PO file is missing.
>>>> Since Thailand have 50 millions population, it might be worth to  
>>>> have.
>>>> Does anyone know someone who could make this filled out?
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