[Plone-AsiaPacific] Plone 3.1.7 PO files Quick Survey Result

Takeshi Yamamoto tyam at mac.com
Mon Dec 22 15:16:09 UTC 2008

Let me update the quick survey result from Plone 3.1.7 regarding  
PloneTranslations' PO files.


- Plone has 60 PO files
- 28 PO files have more than 80% filled out.
- 18 PO files have 30%-80% filled out.
- 10 PO files have less than 30% filled out.
-   4 PO files could not be determined their percentage with i18ndude.

I just found Thai language's PO file is missing.
Since Thailand have 50 millions population, it might be worth to have.
Does anyone know someone who could make this filled out?

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