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Wed Mar 13 07:15:31 UTC 2013

#10886: plone.app.event - new eventtype for plone
  Reporter:  thet     |      Owner:  thet
      Type:  PLIP     |     Status:  reopened
  Priority:  major    |  Milestone:  4.4
 Component:  General  |    Version:  4.1
Resolution:           |   Keywords:  event, recurring, date
Changes (by rochecompaan):

 * status:  closed => reopened
 * resolution:  fixed =>


 On behalf of the UI team I did a review of plone.app.event on the latest
 coredev buildout, ie on the 4.4 branch. Awesome work, the functionality
 looks great! The UI needs attention in quite a few places though. I don't
 have solutions for all the issues, we are still exploring UI solutions to
 some of the problems in the UI team. Some issue below are low hanging
 fruit and should be easy to fix though.

 1. When installing a new Plone site without selecting any extensions,
 there is no event type. I would expect the plone.app.event dexterity
 extension to be installed by default.

 2. Not convinced we should have the calender portlet installed by default.

 3. Bold styling for month days in Calendar portlet is too overbearing.

 Editing an event:

 4. One can specify start and end time even if "Whole day" is checked.

 5. The description for the recurrence widget reads "RFC5545 compatible
 recurrence definition". I guess this must still be fixed.

 6. The checkbox combined with "Does not repeat" is confusing UI. One would
 expect that ticking a checkbox is a confirmation of what is shown on the
 label, so a user will click on "Does not repeat" if the user really does
 not want the event to repeat. Instead, what happens now, is that the label
 toggles and the event now repeats with 10 occurrences by default.

 7. I'm not convinced we should have 10 daily repeats for an event by
 default. It shouldn't really be necessary to show 10 daily repeats just to
 show the user that the event can repeat, the UI for creating repeating
 events should be obvious enough. I'll try and think of better solution.

 8. Batch navigation is shown "[1 - 10]", even if the batch is smaller than

 9. The date format (dd/mm/yy) for the "Until" input in the recurrence
 widget is not really human readable. Rather format with full month name,
 including the week day, eg Saturday January 05, 2013.

 10. If I edit the start date of the event, the recurrence widget doesn't
 update the start of the occurrence.

 11. The heading style for "Repeat", "Selected Dates" and "Add" in the
 recurrence overlay is inconsistent with the heading styles in public.css.
 #888888 is too subdued, just use plain black. I think the bottom border
 helps to separate the sections so keep that on the heading style.

 Event view:

 12. The view of occurences in the "View" of the event needs some love. The
 first few events is shown as a bulleted list and then the gap is indicated
 with 3 dots below each other and then suddenly the final event is shown.
 There doesn't seem to be a way for a user with only view permission to see
 all occurrences on an event. I don't think actual occurrences should be
 shown in the "eventDetails" view, describing the occurrence would be much
 more helpful, eg "This event repeats weekly on a Wednesday for the next 10
 weeks." Additionally one can perhaps link to "Show all occurrences" which
 pops up and overlay showing a view with all occurences.

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